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Affordable Success with Jules of Design, LLC

Jules of Design LLC is a member of The User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) and uses the philosophy of being a user advocate. Experienced in usability methodologies and needs analysis, Jules of Design LLC can easily recognize what will be beneficial to your users, which is key to a successful website. We work closely with you to ensure your website and content is user friendly and meets your needs. If your goal is to have a professional, personalized, user friendly website up and running within weeks, not months, Jules of Design LLC is a match for you! You will be provided a fully functional website along with a basic knowledge of what's needed to carry out self-edits to reduce future costs.

Human Factors Internations Certified Usability Analyist Juliana Stange

Looking for Graphic Design, Usability Analysis, or Print Design?

An array of servies are available to you! Visit the services page to learn more.

UX MarketplaceTM's First Founding Author

Jules of Design LLC is the first founding author for the NEW UX MarketplaceTM.

Featured Paper: Successfully Conducting an Open Interview Usability Study

This document will explain best practices for conducting an open interview style usability study. Lessons learned from numerous studies ranging from 70-120 participants come together to give you a guide for conducting a study of your own.

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